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Your Daily Taurus Horoscope for Monday, September 12th, 2022

Taurus, it's best to accept separation as soon as possible


Taurus, the Stars are on your side in terms of relationships. Even if movies try to make us think otherwise, opposites don't usually work, if they ever do. They may attract, of course, but any ideas of romance are doomed to fail. If you consider your beloved far too different, perhaps it's about time you broke up. When trying to find a steady partner, it's so much more practical to get involved  with those similar to us. At times, we must keep a cool head.

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Taurus, your finances will go smooth sailing. You won't see any spectacular events, but a change in attitude will help you overcome any situation. If you choose to remain calm and optimistic about events, you'll probably make better choices.

You won't get so upset when trying to manage money, and you'll be able to think more clearly too. Your future looks much more promising under this new perspective.


Taurus, today you'll feel happier than usual at work. Being praised is always a way to boost our motivation. Not only your results could get acknowledged, but also the effort you've made. The time you've devoted to growing and perfecting projects won't go unnoticed. The praise from your managers and mates will give you the energy you need, and you'll keep evolving professionally. It all becomes so easy when we're validated.


Unfortunately, physical distance is usually linked to emotional distance. Your friendship with that friend who flew away might end up breaking apart. There are truly unfair circumstances out there, Taurus.


Your physical ailments and pain will disappear as soon as you listen to your body, Taurus. You've probably been ignoring its calls for a while. Perhaps you should bring some changes to your habits.

Your body will manifest perfectly what feels good or bad. Even if your will says otherwise, you should pay attention to your well-being instead.