The sign of Taurus with a black starred background

Taurus Horoscope – Friday, March 12, 2021: The rapport between parents and children improve

Seek time for yourself, give free rein to that activity you like so much


This Friday, Taurus’s love will be rather peaceful, no one will speak louder than the other, although you’ll miss your spouse taking the lead to add more passion to your day.

You admit that you struggle to have initiative in love, you feel a bit overwhelmed and almost prefer to be invisible, having a quiet and happy weekend with simple situations. Along the same lines, the rapport between parents and children will improve.

Single Taurus will have no trouble doing as they please; you’ll have a good ability to blend into your surroundings and to fit in anywhere you go.

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One of your weak points will be generosity at work; time might get away from you while you’re spending it on others, fulfilling their desires or needs while forgetting your main tasks.

Strive to have a more reasonable day. Your common sense will tell you what things to give up.

Likewise, Taurus, you should settle your debts to stop them from getting bigger.  You’ll have to be careful when opening your wallet, especially when it comes to leisure activities which involve spending a lot of money.


You feel like the year has only just started; however, the calendar shows that there’s not that long to go until the end of the first trimester.

You’ll leave your fear aside and will go out and enjoy yourself, spending time on yourself and doing those tasks you like so much.

Perhaps you’ll want to read a novel by your favourite writer or take up the sports you used to practice when you were young, and which you gave up for lack of time.

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