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Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, March 11, 2021: You'll believe in love at first sight

Quit cold turkey all those habits which are so bad for your wellbeing, look after yourself


Demand comes up in your relationship; you’ll have a very egocentric Thursday, and nothing will be enough for you. You’ll find that your relationships don’t live up to your expectations.

So, we speak of an 11th of March where there will be difficulties, as you’ll lament not having received all the affection that, according to you, you deserved. Reflect for a moment on whether what you demand of your other half is love or worship.

Single Taurus will turn their lived around a little; they’ll start believing in love at first sight, as you will succumb to the charms of someone who will be passing through your life.

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You’ll want to achieve some professional goals very quickly, and you’ll step on the gas in your projects. However, the stars indicate that you’ll go so fast you might fall off your horse, and that you should adopt a light but constant pace instead.

What’s more, you should take breaks at work, they’ll be positive to objectively observe the evolution of things, amend mistakes (or congratulate your friends on their good performance).

Remember to settle your debts with friends or relatives, pay back what they lent you and which you are still to repay.


You tend to think that your health is in the hands of doctors, and you forget that it’s even more so in your hands. So, you should be very responsible with the plans you undertake this Thursday.

Eliminate those habits that affect your wellbeing, such as a poor diet or smoking (which is also very detrimental to your finances, as it’s a very expensive addiction).

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