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Taurus Horoscope – Monday, January 11, 2021: Talk without taboos or prejudice

You'll have to work magic with your schedule (more than usual) in order to cultivate your inner garden


Passion hasn’t been overflowing in your life of late, and it could be said that you’re only using your bed to sleep. You’re going through a moment where you value more an honest kiss or a tight hug than frenzy and passion.

However, Taurus, you need to think of your spouse’s needs, as you might not be on the same page. Talk about your sex life without fear, forget taboos and prejudice.

Your role in your family will require a lot of time if you’re single, and you’ll have to work magic with your schedule in order to have a good date. You’ll have to make more of an effort than usual in order to cultivate your inner garden.

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Single Taurus who work in real estate will have great chances of closing a wonderful deal today; your non-verbal communication will be very useful, and you’ll discover the power of a good handshake.

Try to keep an eye on your belongings, sometimes your head is in the clouds and you could lose your laptop or bag in a public place (the bus, for example).

Those who use their car a lot might have a nasty surprise in the form of something breaking down.


Changes in temperature and humidity will affect your skin greatly (especially if you have an illness related to it). You should use good quality moisturisers to help it look perfect and without painful cracks.

Some Taurus will take out their calculator to see if they can buy expensive sporting equipment, such as a static bike. However, you should analyse to what extent you’re really going to use it, and whether it’s only a whim.

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