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Your Taurus Horoscope for December 11th

Your Taurus prediction for Sunday, December 11th, 2022

Will you be lucky enough to win in love? What about that much-awaited bonus? Taurus, the answers to every question lie behind your Daily Horoscope.


Taurus, it's finally time to put the cards on the table. If you're dating, make sure you know your partner perfectly before making any more moves.

You should know whether their train of thought matches yours in any way. Otherwise, you can't go on.

If you're single, it's high time you had a serious chat with your romantic interest. You need to find out whether they intend to have a full-on formal relationship. Don't hold yourself back from finding out.

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Your daily Taurus prediction foresees a present could be in order. A far-off friend might choose to surprise you by sending you a package.

If you expected a single treat, you'll be left in awe. They know you well enough and appreciate you too much to get you a small, insignificant detail.

They'll probably have bought you what you've been waiting to get for a long time. This will make your day, but you won't know how to react. Being thankful seems so minimal when you get such a sweet gift.


The Stars will give you the energy you need to focus. Over the last few days, you might have been wasting time around the workplace.

If your current tasks are too dull, ask your manager to change shifts or office sections. Having new goals to fulfill might be motivational enough to get your performance going.

It would be a shame to throw your great productivity out the window. Try to find alternatives to be excited about work again.


You shouldn't please the world around you to fit in, Taurus. Pretending to be who you aren't is the easy way to get closer. Try to stay true to your ideas, and don't let your brain get washed.


Hard emotional times are coming. If you're a little more sensitive these days, take it easy. Try to rest and get away from it all as often as you need.