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Taurus Horoscope – Friday, December 11, 2020: You'll start talks to get a promotion

Let time do its job, only thus will things fall back into place


You feel somewhat downcast, you give a lot of love to those around you; but you feel that when you need love very few people notice it.

Don’t get defensive, Taurus; you know that everyone is a bit overwhelmed this month, especially with the current sanitary circumstances. Let time pass, and things will go back to their natural place.

You’ll have a strong melancholy if you’ve lost a loved one over the last few months, and feel they’re still by you, watching over you, but from a plane you can’t see through your eyes, just with your heart.

Make the most of these feelings and turn them around: transform them into happiness from knowing that there are people willing to toast to your success around you.

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You’ll show potential at work, and you’ll manage to get an interesting proposal from the best person: opening a line of dialogue for a promotion or salary raise will be possible this Friday. Your main assets will be your dynamism and your ability to work hard.

The thing is, the horoscope will give you great ideas to improve your performance, you’ll find solutions to problems that had been troubling you, and you’ll be quick to react in order to seize any opportunities that arise.

Try to be as sensible as possible with your money and learn to say no to plans which jeopardize your budget.  With the excuse of saying goodbye to this year, your accounts might be left starving.


The mental fatigue we spoke of in the love segment will be noticeable on a physical level.

For this reason, we speak of a day where you shouldn’t give your all at the gym or do extreme diets. You should keep healthy and gentle habits and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

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