Taurus Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, November 10, 2020: Your ideas will be true gold

Create the space so your children can confide in you with their problems, and share in their worries


The sun will shine brightly for those Taurus who have recently ended a relationship.  You have a very fun Tuesday ahead of you, where you’ll be able to meet anyone you want to, and where you’ll give few explanations.

The moment where your heart was broken will seem like ancient history. You’re recovering because you know no one dies from a broken heart (however poetic it might sound).

If you’re in a relationship, we don’t foresee problems in your day, but you could pay more attention to your children and to your studies. Create the space so they can confide their problems in you and share your fears and doubts with them.

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On a professional aspect, today’s ideas will be pure gold, so make sure you write down everything that pops into your head, to avoid conveying it to oblivion.

However, be careful not to mention ideas which aren’t patented to people you don’t trust wholly, because you might be the victim of plagiarism. There are many disreputable characters who will want to appropriate things that don’t belong to them.

You’ll be great at hunting offers and all sorts of discounts in order to save some money. However, you might be swayed to buy something you don’t need just because it’s discounted.

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Your personal image doesn’t entirely please you; this is undoubtedly a day where your self-esteem will be hurt, perhaps because of past wounds which have been reopened due to an unfortunate comment.

Remember, Taurus, that every day is unique, that you must seize every single hour in it. As the saying goes, if you cry, you won’t be able to see the sunlight.

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