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Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, March 10, 2021: Employ your diplomacy in business

To change your professional situation you must double your efforts and get to work


They say that Taurus is very stubborn, and that when they put their mind to something, no one can change their minds.

In this sense, today you’ll be a typical Taurus in your love life, and you won’t take it kindly if your partner doesn’t give in to your desires, or if your beau takes a rain check on your date.

You’ll want to convince the other party to bend to your will, bringing out the big guns, thus behaving very selfishly. If things get rocky, then you’ll have to take the first step and admit the error of your ways.

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To change your professional situation, you must double your efforts, get to work and be a lot more dynamic. Don’t wait for a job offer to come knocking on your door while you wait with your arms folded, watching life pass you by.

Those who want a salary raise will have to use their diplomacy. You probably deserve that raise, but you should be elegant in the way you request it; otherwise, you’ll be branded a troublesome person.

Remember that the best thing to open doors in this life is good manners; in fact, if you mind your manners closely, you’ll even manage good sales in your business.


You lift a weight off your shoulders when it comes to traumas and insecurities.  The power of your mind shines this Wednesday, and helps you break the chains that tied you to your most troubling past.

You’ll even forgive some of your past mistakes, the ones you made when you were younger and didn’t know much about living your own life. Basically, you’ll love yourself a bit better.

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