Taurus Horoscope Friday 2020

Taurus Horoscope - Friday, July 10, 2020: Aim high and you'll succeed

For the sake of your health, you need to be more careful with how you use your time. Don't waste it.


You long for spiritual renewal and, while you're at it, for a change in your relationship, not just to avoid letting the relationship get stuck but, also, to let things progress.  In this sense, your humour will be a great ally, and whatever you propose to your partner, they’ll be very much on board with.

We must say that your other half will have a certain magnetism on this 10th of July, they’ll have all eyes on them, and you won’t be too happy with that. You don’t like to define yourself as a jealous Taurus, but you certainly are one.

Don’t blame your date if you had set a date and they don’t blow your socks off with a special plan; when you're single you can't demand more than you offer yourself.

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You’ll be very kind when dealing with financial matters, which will be very beneficial for you. You’ll sign some agreements ahead of time, and you’ll feel like the universe is trying to make you life simpler. Aim high and you’ll achieve success.

You’ll stop any absurd and unnecessary expenses. You know that making it up as you go along every day and every minute, is the worst thing you can ever do for your savings.

To all of this, we have to add the invisible shield (courtesy of Jupiter) which will push away from you anyone who wants to harm you.


For you health’s sake, you must be more careful with how you use your time;  you certainly waste a lot of it on your phone, on social media and on other irrelevant matters which, then, prevent you from sleeping enough.

It’s just a matter of setting new priorities, and giving each item the importance it deserves, no more, no less.

Take more and better care of your personal hygiene it might be time to change your toothbrush (an item where, by the way, a lot of bacteria is accumulated).