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Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, January 10, 2021: Victories can't be achieved at half-mast

Be careful because this Sunday selfishness might be hidden between love and respect


Selfishness might hide between love and respect this Sunday;  you’ll do things thinking of yourself, although to the outside world you’ll say that it’s the best thing for your relationship, or for your family as a whole.

Control your desire to be the centre of the universe; you seek praise at all costs and you might even flirt with other people in front of your partner just to improve your self-esteem. Careful because you might mess up big time, Taurus.

Those who are single will also be rather selfish, although they’ll never admit to it; this might cause misunderstandings with some of your conquests, end you might use harsh words against anyone who dares contradict you.

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You should bring out your schedule and calculator, and do a true auditing of your accounts. You’ll have a very sharp focus and you’ll realize some reckless behaviours that had been taking place.

Creating a list of specific tasks to do in order to achieve that goal that you’re obsessed with, and then roll up your sleeves and do everything you can to achieve it. Victories aren’t achieved at half-mast.

If you want to find a job don’t stand with your arms folded, with the excuse that it’s Sunday; make use of contacts, recommendation letters and former colleagues. One of these might do something for you in the upcoming days.


In your health there are many daily situations which you consider a duty and not a personal choice. Being on a diet, quitting smoking. Analyse your own language and you’ll realize this is true.

Make small changes to remind yourself that you’re in charge of your own life, Taurus, and that from now on you won’t sabotage your own happiness.

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