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Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, December 10, 2020: Try not to sabotage your romantic bliss

You'll receive valuable advice in your family; take note of them


Your romantic schedule will be full of beautiful moments and completely devoid of any malignant intervention which could upend your Thursday. Do you know what the funny thing is, Taurus? That the only person who could sabotage this 10th of December is you, with your carelessness.

Stop thinking of yourself as the centre of the universe and stop trying to be the centre of attention.  What’s more, your partner needs you more than ever, but they can’t find an opportunity to sit down with you to explain what has been troubling them.

You’ll receive good advice from your family; take not of it and put it into practice, whether it’s regarding the way you understand relationships or the way you parent your children. Don’t take their words as a personal affront, they’re trying to look out for you.

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You need to be humbler at work and have more self-discipline. You must know that, according to today's predictions, the reckless actions you’ve made of late will come to light, and there’ll be consequences.

If you deem it appropriate, you should confess your mistakes before others oust you for them.  This way you’ll find forgiveness in those around you and will receive guidance to keep moving towards success.

Christmas will set your consumerism through the roof, but you know that recklessly spending isn’t good. Remember that the best part of many purchases is that they allow you to return them.


Your body needs some rest, so try to have a healthy, balanced diet, free from fatty meals and with very small doses of alcohol (or better still, none at all).

You have a certain level of sexual passion which might bring you a surprise in nine months; so if you don’t want to have children, take the necessary precautions. Christmas turns you into a veritable bull.

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