Taurus Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, September 1, 2020: Unexpected events can be positive

Careful with your savings: you're more attracted to speculation than you should be


Your romantic life is very active and full of projects: you're destined to be in constant activity. If you fold your arms happiness decreases at a rapid pace!

In marriages it’s important that each one of you keeps their own freedom, motivated by mutual respect. There’s no need to share every opinion or see the universe from the same angle: freedom of movement and thought is essential to avoid losing yourself as a person.

Therefore, Taurus will know how to fill their Tuesday with colourful movements, and nothing and no one will stop from appreciating this day’s beauty. If you’re single, you’ll be interested in hidden or clandestine loved.

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This Tuesday is favourable for finances; but don’t be so sure of your conclusions when making investments. You’re more attracted to speculation than you should be. Before you move your savings, take the opinion of experts into account.

At work, Taurus, you might have clashes with colleagues who have a very lazy attitude; you’ll have to keep on top of them to make sure they fulfil their tasks. Plus, the day will be subject to unpredictable risks, so be alert at all times.

Attention: unpredictable events can be positive ones. Some of the surprises that await you are very pleasant ones.

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You’ll strive to keep your mind healthy, and you’ll enjoy a great sense of humour.

Any excuse will do to get out of the house, and if you’re looking your best all the better.

You’ll really enjoy socializing with friends but, if you do, restrain your alcohol intake, alternate between glasses of wine on glasses of water.

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