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Your Daily Taurus Horoscope for Saturday, October 1st, 2022

Taurus, it's better to have a few real friends than many fakes


Taurus, you're in for the beginning of a new stage. Get ready, because you'll be witnessing all sorts of changes to your relationships. You finally might have chosen to take it a step further with your partner. Further commitment down the road will be your wisest choice. The relationship will flourish, and you'll find the prosperity you've wanted for a while. You shouldn't be afraid of the future; instead, run for it with hope in your heart.

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The Daily Horoscope recommends that you stop getting involved in alien business, Taurus. You must let your friends and family see the value of money on their own. Even if you might help, micromanaging their affairs too much could be counterproductive. If you're always there handing out advice, it's quite likely that they won't ever learn to manage money. You won't regret giving them a slight chance. What's more, they could surprise you more than you think with their smarts.


Taurus, you should avoid conflict at all costs. You might feel like telling a workmate what you think, but you'll need to hold back. Work issues are solved better when you're out of the office. Otherwise, you could argue in front of clients, and as a consequence, scare them off. Also, before taking any action, you should think about whether the argument will help at all. Consider your moves wisely.


Real friends can be counted on a single hand, Taurus. You probably already know, but you can't trust half of your current friends.


Taurus, today's a perfect day to overcome fears. The best way to overcome our phobias is to face them.

You can do it alone, but it might be good to get help from a mental health expert. If that's the step you're going to take, you should do it in the best conditions possible.