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Taurus Horoscope – Monday, March 1, 2021: Rethink some of your principles

Do what you want to do, without feeling compelled in any way


You have too many work commitments in your schedule and it’s natural that you neglect your loved ones from time to time, or delegate some of the responsibilities that come with being a parent (or having people who depend on you in any role).

However, Taurus, you shouldn’t forget what the date is, as you might forget a very important birthday or anniversary, which would really upset the other party.

Sometimes you get absorbed with vague terms such as achieving success or achieving a goal, and you forget that the actual beauty of life is to love and be loved, that is all. You need to rethink some of your principles and values.

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Manipulation. That is the word that could define your professional life on this first day of the month, as there is someone with ill intentions who is toying with your self-discipline, loyalty or both at one.

Someone who wishes you ill and tries to impose their will above all else. Perhaps a boss who is rather shady, or a colleague who is trying to pile their responsibilities on your desk so they can leave work early.

Try to make one thing clear: if you do anything beyond your actual work, do it because you want to, not because anyone is forcing you. You know that when you need it most, those other people might not be there for you.


You’ll be in great physical and mental shape; you’ll be very strong and you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to certain ailments. Your recovery will be within your grasp.

Some will receive a phone call from their doctor saying that there are new treatments they can try to improve the toughest ailments. Basically, today you’ll be one of the signs that fares best in terms of health.

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