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Taurus Horoscope – Monday, February 1, 2021: Some of your secrets might be unveiled

Those who will design the best projjects today will be those who work in the arts


The month of February starts on the wrong foot for Taurus, at least, for those who haven’t done things entirely well. The thing is, certain things that you wanted to keep secret might be unveiled, such as your having been unfaithful, or having had an affair with someone married.

This Monday there’s a special risk for those external dalliances, which might become entwined with tricky situations, such as an unwanted pregnancy, or the kind of mistake that leaves a mark, and which could reveal that which you are not saying.

At least in traditional relationships the astral atmosphere will be calmer, which doesn’t mean boring. The thing is, you will know how to do magic to ensure your life doesn't become dull.

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You’ll informally meet influential people. Therefore, you should try to always keep a smile on your face and be as diplomatic as possible. Only thus will you get the support you long for.

The ones who will create the best projects this Monday will be those who work in the arts; if you’re a patron, you’ll finally find that person to invest everything on.

Those who are studying should go with the flow a little; you’re too rigid and you’ll get the subjects mixed up in your head. You must pause from time to time, be more spontaneous and you’ll absorb the knowledge better.


Haste to achieve your goal isn’t good, least of all if what you want is to lose weight.  Miraculous diets can be terribly detrimental to your health. Distrust any tips you find online, only listen to experts in nutrition.

In order to rid yourself of your inner demons, you should set out to do something for the health of others, such as signing up as a volunteer at an association.

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