Taurus Horoscope Saturday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, August 1, 2020: Moving house might be on the cards

You waste too much time on transcendental questions: move on to action


This Saturday you’ll struggle mediating on behalf of your loved ones; you start the eighth month of the year feeling somewhat rebellious and it is expected for material problems to be predominant in your love life and in your relationship.

Many will overthink things, they’ll think it’s time to move in with their partner and share life to the fullest, but they don’t know what they’ll be able to find with their current financial resources. Because you can't help but dream big.

It will also be tough for the single Taurus, as there might be an atmosphere of distrust around them.  You don’t know whether an apparent friendship could become something more.

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You’ll have to focus on finding new professional goals, those that sometimes appear blurry.  What’s the point of getting up early every day, just to pay bills and such?

You waste time on questions such as “who am I?” “what point am I at?” and “where do I want to go?”. Pay more attention to those who say you're worth a lot and ignore those who tell you you can’t do it.

Life has shown you that if you give the best of yourself at all times, you’ll encounter success at the end of the road. If you’re thinking of changing careers or work methodology, do it now, don’t leave it until next Monday.

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Change some daily routines for the sake of your health, swap lifts for stairs and reduce your use of the car to the minimum. You’ll discover many positive aspects.

You have so much energy that if you don’t manage it well you’ll end up getting restless. For this reason, make sure you relax and go to bed early, instead of depleting your resources.

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