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Your Daily Taurus Horoscope for Friday, April 1, 2022

You're known for your magnificence, Taurus


Taurus, your Horoscope for today points out that you should learn to respect personal space. Being temporarily distant doesn't necessarily imply negativity; there are times when a relationship heals through that. Try not to have an overwhelming presence and you'll be automatically called up.


The world is full of those who fight for great causes, Taurus. However, you know that not all associations are as pure and transparent as they seem.

Research thoroughly the groups where you're sending your money if you don't want to become a scam victim. Sharpness will be your best friend.


Your Daily Horoscope shows that you're on the right track at work. Some projects may take more time and efforts than expected, but that doesn't mean you should stop.

As long as persistence is still your main guide, it won't matter if you take more or less time to be done. What matters is that you do a good job.


Helping out could be more rewarding than you think, Taurus. You may find happiness today thanks to empathy and kindness towards the world.

Lucky numbers for Taurus

Taurus, your lucky numbers for Friday, April 1, are: 5, 6, 7, 77.

Compatibilities for Taurus

Taurus, look into your compatibilities for today in love, friendship and work:

Tip for Taurus

A stormy sea won't reveal any fish, and a cluttered mind won't reveal any ideas.

Taurus Celebrities

Here are three celebrities born under Taurus, just like you:

- Stephen Colbert, comedian born in Washington, D.C., United States, on May 13, 1964

- Bill de Blasio, politician born in Nueva York, Estados Unidos, on May 8, 1961

- Richard Feynman, physicist born in New York, United States, on May 11, 1918

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