Taurus Horoscope for Thursday

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, April 1, 2021: Embark in new professional strategies

Your tongue will be to quick today, and you might reveal more secrets than you should


Your tongue will move too quickly this Thursday, and you might reveal private details which your partner would prefer to keep private. One thing is to not be embarrassed to share your own affairs, and a different one is to expose the details of your relationship. Discretion is essential, Taurus.

If you’re single, you’ll take the fast route; unfortunately, the rhythm you move at is different from that of your beloved. You’ll have to stop and see what the other person wants.

Try to be objective throughout the day; at times you mind plays nasty tricks on you and you tend to exaggerate reality, or embellish it too much, to the point where it becomes deformed. Don’t let your credibility be questioned.

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They say that it’s nearly as important to know, as it is to have the phone number of the person who knows; in this sense you should expand your professional connections and contacts and pay attention to your more experienced and knowledgeable colleagues.

Currently, a good way to stay in touch with colleagues in your field is to connect through professional networks (which are also handy if you’re looking for a new job).

Be persistent and you’ll end up finding someone who will motivate you and push you in the right direction. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you should create well-defined strategic alliances.


With the arrival of the new month, you’ll be able to say goodbye to those habits that hinder your health: addictions to substances such as tobacco or alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle, a dependence to your phone... Get to work.

In many cases you’ll need professional help, don’t be embarrassed to talk about the matter with your doctor.

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