The Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Paying attention to your loved ones will be essential - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 8 – 14 February 2021

The planetary pressure is very great right now, and you'll have to be flexible before the problems, in order to successfully overcome them


This will be a very intense week for Scorpios who will be under a lot of pressure at home.  Their home might be where the astral energies clash.

There’s a tendency to exaggerate your feelings and, at the same time, appear cold and distant when you can reach the agreements you’d like. You’ll need to prove the love you feel in your heart and, for this reason, you might feel a strong impulse to seek an honest and deep conversation; but instead of achieving your goals, things might get even worse in a sea of misunderstandings.

You’ll have to expand the love you feel, despite the difficulties. Embrace your feelings and show them without fear of rejection. The results don’t matter, just the truth that overwhelms you and which you need to express in order to move forward.

If you’re a single Scorpio, something strange might happen this week, don’t close yourself off to anything.

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The greatest challenge this week will be to balance your professional life with its demands and challenges, and the problems that will keep you very focused on your family. You might feel you’re being pressured by too many problems in your family, and that might drain the energy you need to comply with your financial matters.

The presence of Saturn in Aquarius brings some complications for those born in the first decan, who will get tired of trying to get included in a project where their rigidity might end up getting them disqualified. Learning to be flexible in the face of change will be hugely beneficial during this time where we are all facing so many difficulties at work.

If you have an undertaking with a business partner, you might have to cover their tasks. Getting angry won’t help at all, accept the change of roles and open up your mind. You might find yourself facing and important change, the collateral benefits of which you might be unaware of.


The health of Scorpios will suffer due to the avalanche of problems and stress they’re going through. For this reason, you should take precautions such as having a routine medical check-up and adjusting your daily habits.

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