Scorpio Horoscope Weekly 2020

A surprise will brighten up your week - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 7 – 13 September 2020

Your soul is caressed through people showing they care with unforgettable gifts or surprises


This week the stars are good to Scorpio in their love life and relationships.

You might be the recipient of a gift that will surprise you from the hands of your partner or someone who is trying to woo you.

Anything is possible for you in terms of seduction, but not everyone shares this, therefore you might not notice that someone wants to be with you. Their beating around the bush and indirect remarks will allow you to read between the lines.

If you're in a formal and committed relationship, this week you have a red light, Scorpio. Don’t let yourself be dragged into a passionate affair based solely on carnal desire and passion which has nothing or little to do with love, if you still go ahead with this, know that there’ll be consequences.


It’s a week where conversations and negotiations are fundamental for Scorpio, especially those who are finalizing a separation and must divide their joint assets. Those who work in commerce or in a partnership and are facing a similar situation with their former partner will also be positively influenced. Specifying what belongs to whom and being fair without being greedy can be challenging, and it can require a lot of energy.

You might be one of those who are looking for a job, if that’s the case, this week isn’t the best for interviews. An abrupt or poorly chosen words in an interview can knock down even the best professional background in seconds. Put away your stinger  and hide it under lock and key, staying in control is fundamental.

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For Scorpios, their physical health has been a mirror of their feelings for a long time now.

You might feel you’re in turbulent waters where your daily duties and problems don’t allow you to rest well. This can make you feel overwhelmed or even exhausted.

Managing your time well and giving work the place it needs will be fundamental to preserve your health. Look for the best way of keeping your feelings balanced and in harmony, in order to improve your wellbeing.