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The eclipse will turn your love life around - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 7 – 13 June 2021

Your determination will increase and your competitiveness will come back, favouring a better position in society

❤️ Love

This will be a very good week with regards to the love life of Scorpios. It will start with the moon in Taurus, favouring a pleasant and sincere encounter between lovers. This moon will happen in conjunction with Uranus, which tends to bring forth great changes.

Scorpio, the relationships and love life of those who are single might be affected by this energy. But these surprises will be especially relevant for those born in the second decan. There will also be a solar eclipse in Gemini on Thursday the 10th, which will affect many Scorpios in the expression of their sexuality. Especially those born in the third decan, who will feel that something needs to start changing in them and in the way they express their desire.

Towards the weekend, things will relax when the moon enters the water sign of Cancer, and it will let Scorpios catch a break when reaching the conjunction with Venus. Words of love and softness in the way you treat others will be the balm that will heal the wounds of the heart.

💰 Money

When it comes to your professional life, the stars don’t indicate too many changes in your work methodology or performance. Everything will stay on track, and your daily life will continue as usual. However, come the weekend, those born in the first decan might enthusiastically receive an energy boost from their typical regent: Mars enters the sign of Leo and gives a great boost to your professional life.

If you were waiting to receive money or an inheritance, it will be unlikely to happen this week. The eclipse affects subjects linked to inheritances or assets shared with business partners. But it will be possible to close deals and finalize negotiations.

👩‍⚕️ Health

For Scorpios, health matters won’t have too much importance this week. If you were trying to quit a bad habit, you’ll probably have to make a bigger effort to avoid temptation and a relapse.

👍 Tip of the week

Stop complaining about your job and enjoy every moment

🍀 Lucky numbers 

Your lucky numbers for this week are: 3, 4, 20 and 21.

🤝 Compatibilities 

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