Purple Scorpio sign on a dark purple background

Don't miss an opportunity - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 7 – 13 December 2020

Venus in your sign keeps enhancing your love life with passion and tenderness


This week the stars bring honest feelings and gifts for the soul.

The moon in a good comic aspect with Venus in your sign brings emotional benefits and softness for those who have just been through stressful situations with their partner.  Everyday worries have taken a toll on the relationship of many Scorpios. The effect of Uranus in the area of relationships is difficult to bear due to its unpredictability and, for this reason, they’ll feel this astral aspect as a soothing balm for their souls.

New love stories might arise from the places you frequent. If you’re single, a romantic opportunity is about to arise. A colleague might introduce you to someone in your close circle.  If you’re in a relationship, many good things might come for you at work.

Family could also be the source of good times, so long as you tolerate the expressions of those who manifest ideologies which differ from your own.

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You can expect profit and positive changes over the next few days which will alter your perception of life. If you think life is tough and dark, this week you’ll see the other side of the coin. Your material existence can favourably transform overnight.

Your visionary sensitivity will be optimal to find someone to help you achieve your dreams.  You’ll be in contact with your intuition in such a way that you won’t encounter any resistance from destiny to achieve your dreams.

Those who are in the middle of commercial negotiations, can use the favourable astral vibration from Friday the 11th, when the moon will land on your sign and Mercury will join the sun and the South Node. You’ll be able to finalize the sale of contracts and signing contracts.

If you're looking for a new job, this week you should trust your good fortune, don't stop perceiving the abundance in your life.


This week the stars indicate a good rate of healing from ailments and illnesses which might be draining Scorpio's energy.

Many will feel renewed energies, you’ll receive more strength and wellbeing thanks to the movement of Mars in a good aspect to the sun.

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