Scorpio Horoscope Weekly 2020

Love and family life will nurture your soul - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 6 - 12 July 2020

Take the favourable energy to approach the hearts you've drifted apart from


When the stars favour all of your family matters, you can’t just go against their power and energy. This week there’s great astral movement which will favour your communication and understanding abilities with the relatives you’ve been distanced from or with whom you’ve had fights. It’s the right time to establish a new cohabitation or communication model based on tolerance and acceptance of each other’s differences, no matter how big.

Those who are in a relationship have a chance to strengthen their relationship showing their feelings through physical manifestations of affection, Scorpio.

The best days to approach love and to express all your feelings for that special someone in your life are Thursday and Friday. The moon in the sensitive water sign of Pisces dilutes all problems, bringing hearts closer gently and with cosmic empathy.


There are no unsolved mysteries for Scorpio, for this reason, this week you’ll have a chance to unveil a traitor at work, and you’ll find solutions to a problem that was keeping you on your toes.

If you’re doing legal paperwork, it’s a good week to consult solicitors or a professional to help you avoid mistakes and get benefits.

You might make a profit from associations or small businesses which will give you great satisfaction, aside from the money you earn. Have a good time, enjoy, especially on Friday, where you’ll feel the blessing of the astral flows. You’ll feel a part of something much bigger which included you, and from where you can showcase your worth and creativity much better.


The stars alert you of a tendency to suffer some problems caused by impulsiveness and the effusive character stimulated by this week’s celestial configurations, Scorpio.

You might hit your head, get some bumps, small cuts caused by impulsive handling of kitchen tools, or carry out domestic tasks which you could avoid if you’re fully aware of your movements. Paying careful attention to every one of your movements will help you channel your abundant vital energy.