Scorpio Horoscope Weekly 2020

Enjoy the present moment - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 5 – 11 October 2020

It's time to slow down your projects and check if there's something else that is more worthwhile


This week’s astral influence for Scorpio is very favourable for all matters of the heart, especially for those born in the first decan who need to have an honest chat where they can express their feelings and their basic needs with Mercury’s omens giving you clarity in your communication though its keen intellect.

It will be easier to express the deepest parts of your identity and you’ll achieve beneficial agreements where you’ll feel your relationships are your support and your joy.

This is a great week for all your rapports, Scorpio. Meeting friends, going for a coffee with a loved one and chatting about the good old times can give Scorpio great satisfaction.


This week the greatest energy intensity will occur on legal or tax-related matters. Some will be surprised to discover a decree or new law which involves a greater expense of their company, or greater professional performance. Many would like to start an independent business project and tax pressure might hold back their creative impulse.

Right now, there’s tension between what one desires and what is possible, the unbalance is clear and evident, however, many Scorpios will fight against the oppositions which arise.

Mars retrograde in Aries will give you some time to slow your plans down these days, so you can start looking at details that you had previously overlooked. Underestimating conflicts won’t help you get through this tricky phase,

If you’re awaiting a reply for a job application, the most beneficial energy for you will take place on Friday the 9th, when a wonderful triune takes place in water signs. Mercury favours you by bearing good news.

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The stars indicate a favourable tendency for Scorpio’s health this week, although you’re likely to experience difficulties feeling that you’re not making progress with your self-care changes. Results take long to come, and anxiety can be your enemy.