Scorpio Horoscope Weekly 2020

Your subtlety brings new soft hues into your love life - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 29 June - 5 July 2020

The stars grant you the ability to understand the motives and needs of your loved ones


Matters of the heart can be off to a tricky start this week for the children of Pluto. On Wednesday the moon will enter your sign, giving you an extra dose of feelings and emotional softness which will make understanding simpler and more straightforward.

That same day, Mercury and the Sun come together in a water sign, and communication about feeling and pending matters with your family will become more fluid than usual.

Scorpio, if there’s anything you need to clarify with loved ones you’ve drifted apart from, don’t hesitate to do it. Take the sky’s blessings and carry that rapport into another period of greater understanding.

By mid-week the energy will be optimal to start a new relationship, for those who are single, or to make things more dynamic and strengthen your current relationship.


The stars show a beneficial tendency for Scorpios in matters related to their financial life.

You’ll be very perceptive to the needs of your clients or supervisors, for this reason, they’ll feel pulled towards you, and every step you take this week will be of great professional progress.

Your astral future is projected in such a way that every step you take is supported by a good vibration, which is well received by your surroundings.

You’ll enjoy sharing your ideas with others, so it’s a great time to present ideas or give conferences. Public speaking will come naturally to you this week.

On Friday you’ll feel the satisfaction of having accomplished a lot of what you’d planned. It’s great to feel your plans are coming into fruition.


Mars will give you vigour and strength, Scorpio. Especially to those born in the first Decan, who will feel they have energy to spare.

They’ll want to tackle more than they could take on, on a normal day. Time slips through your fingers, Scorpio, and come night-time you’ll still have extra energy to go for a walk or to carry on doing things until very late.