Scorpio Horoscope Weekly 2020

Favourable financial agreements - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 28 September – 4 October 2020

This week you'll benefit from business agreements or professional negotiations


The moon in the sensitivity and dreamy sign of Pisces will bring positive influences into Scorpio’s love life for this end of the month of September. You’ll feel a great kinship between your feelings and those of the unique individual you currently share a beautiful love story with.

If you’re one of those who want to stop being single, take this push to find love.

This week, Scorpio, you’ll be an excellent adviser and you’ll be able to say the right words to someone who’s going through a rough patch emotionally.

This Saturday, Venus, the planet of love, enters the sign of Virgo, positively influencing Scorpio’s love life. Perhaps not in the most exciting way but by bringing beautiful influences of order and wellbeing to the table. Many practical and daily-life matters which were creating cohabitation problems can be improved through agreements and conversations which will establish new rules for the future.


The influence of Mercury, which has recently entered your sign, brings potential news for the children of Pluto. Don’t think you’ll be able to escape this planet’s restless influence, especially if you were born in the first decan. You have the best of chances if you’re looking for a promotion in your company or selling properties or valuable items. Likewise, this week the stars will favour all matters linked to assets shared with an ex, as well as everything relating to legal notices, writs and rulings.

If you need to tackle an important argument or go to an interview, don’t hesitate to speak your truth, if you’re restrained and polite, you’ll achieve the understanding you seek.

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This week indicates a positive influence on the health of Scorpio. Many will feel it’s a good time to request a full medical check-up. The results will give signs of a sedentary lifestyle, something that you must absolutely overcome in order to achieve wellbeing. The full moon on Friday the 2nd of October brings alerts and signals that you’ll pay attention to.