Scorpio Horoscope Weekly 2020

Your feelings become stronger - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 26 October – 1 November 2020

Your joy increases thanks to the light and hope of starting a new cycle in your life


You’ll start this week with all the brilliance of the sun in your sign, which favours all areas of your life. The presence of the moon in the water sign of Pisces is a beautiful aid, together with Venus in Virgo, for those who are going through a rough patch in their love life. The stars indicate strength in your feelings, affection and shows of learning. You’ve been through a lot of very hard times and a respite has arrived where you can rest from so much pain.

Scorpio, affection and intimate encounters will highlight how strong your marriage is. The enjoyment of being together and in agreement over many of the steps to take from now on will give you the strength to make the necessary changes.

Those who are single have a chance to start a new relationship with someone they will meet in their social activities.


Mercury’s good aspect with the sun promises to expedite your matters, so long as you have the necessary patience to measure the consequences of your movements.  There’s much to evaluate and go over before you finalize a matter which is very important for you.

If you need to look back in order to observe your past mistakes, don’t take this as something negative, on the contrary, a mistake isn’t a failure but an experience you can learn from.

You’re likely to want to start saving money for your future, but you won’t know the best way to do it. However much or little you can accumulate, this month you’ll enjoy knowing you’re sticking to this goal.

Those born in the first decan will receive great presents for their birthday. Be grateful to life for a new year which promises to bring you abundance. You can make a small ritual to express your gratitude for the blessings you can enjoy.

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Don’t get carried away by temptation, Scorpio, and keep within certain boundaries in your celebrations.

The stars indicate a period of good health for the children of Pluto, who will enjoy the benefits of the entrance of the sun in your sign, radiating vitality and good energy.