The sign of Scorpio on a colourful sky background

Your home requires your attention - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 25 – 31 January 2021

The presence of several planets in your area of the home promotes changes and new expectations regarding your family life


Tempers will be flaring during this last week of January for Scorpios, who will have to deal with the conjunction that will take place between Mars and Uranus in the area pertaining to your relationship. When these two planets meet, they generate a huge amount of energy which, if not handled calmly and diplomatically, can cause a very destructive and bleak movement.

Scorpio, the results you achieve in an emotional conflict will depend on your ability to let all the voices of those involved be heard. If you lean towards one side or another you might lose your objectivity and become trapped in a rhetoric which doesn’t suit you at all. You’ll really struggle to get out of this battle.

Those who are single might unexpectedly meet someone who will dazzle them with their intelligence and good heart.

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This week the stars push Scorpios to optimize many matters linked to their domestic life, such as improving your home, cancelling debts which were weighing down your monthly budget and getting rid of unnecessary expenses.

Problems in your family might become obstacles at work for Scorpio, especially for those born in the second decan, who will be influenced by the full moon in Leo, causing emotional problems which interfere with the development of energy at work.

If you’re unemployed, you’re likely to receive an interesting proposal which will be counterbalanced by problems at work which require a lot of your time, and which won’t allow you to fulfil your duties towards the little ones or the elderly in your family.


The stars indicate a tendency to suffer from joint problems or arthritis. Pain in your limbs might cause great discomfort for you. Seek the help of a specialist in due time, a good massage, the right medication prescribed by a traumatologist, can make a huge difference, allowing you to fully enjoy the wellbeing that comes with feeling full of vitality and willing to live life with joy.

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