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Subtlety in your feeling - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 22 – 28 March 2021

You'll discover a hidden gift, you'll have great negotiating skills


This week starts giving way to a beautiful trigone in a water sign. The moon in Cancer and Mercury in Pisces will favour Scorpios on affective matters, giving them a chance to express their emotional needs subtly and affectionately to those in their lives.

Your feelings and ideas flow easily, and, for this reason, you can have an honest and fruitful conversation towards a shared future with your partner. Dreams of a tomorrow filled with tenderness and simple ambition will give your soul hope.

Those who live with their family will enjoy a domestic atmosphere that very closely resembles their idea of perfection and idyll.

Scorpio, this week the stars favour making new friends and starting new unexpected relationships. You’ll feel nothing could go wrong.

Towards the weekend many matters that were in the pipeline could take shape and come to light. Don’t resist the new.

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You’ll feel very confident in your choices and way of acting. The stars indicate you could have an important conversation and come out on top thanks to Mercury in Pisces, which gives you the ability to express simply and objectively.

You’ll be a perfect mediator, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your colleagues as you to intercede in matters which affect the whole group.

The area of the zodiac pertaining to your job manifests a lot of astral activity. The sun and the benign Venus unite to give your sign a chance to be more appreciated at work. Whether because of the good energy of your colleagues or the compliments of your bosses, you’ll feel everything is perfect. You’ll be grateful for the moment you’re living.


There’s nothing better for Scorpios this week than to spend a few hours on their personal appearance.

Matters linked to your health and wellbeing are in harmony, however, you’ll have to be moderate and control the tendency to exceed yourself when indulging your senses.

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