Scorpio Horoscope Weekly 2020

Many changes will keep you on your toes - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 21 – 27 September 2020

This week you'll place use your creativity to improve your economy and finances


Scorpio, this week marks the beginning of the moon’s transit through your sign in opposition to the great Uranus, the planet that’s bringing so much change into your emotional life from the sign of Taurus.

Not all Scorpios suffer this astral aspect, there is good change and bad change and if you're a Scorpio, you know that there is a lesson in everything and that you can evolve from it, just like the phoenix, you’ll come out of this season renewed by the astral energy.

Many will experience great demand for focus at work, which won’t help when it comes to their private life. On the contrary, they might struggle handling all of their personal matters.

A love story might start this week for many Scorpios.


In your professional life, the problems you’ve brushed under the carpet in the past can come back to haunt you due to the sky’s current influx. These conflicts might be especially heightened for those who are employed or who have employees under them, they’ll have to develop sharp persuasion skills in order to reach agreements which are favourable for all parties.

Many will feel the time has come to make changes to the way they manage their money, to be more careful with their expenses, learn to use cryptocurrency or invest on green products. There are many fields to explore which can help you make money with less effort than usual.

Money will be at the forefront of your thoughts this week, but in a different way, with optimism and creativity which can lead you to a period of unparalleled success.

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Anxiety can be tricky, Scorpio. If you get carried away by aggressive impulses, you might lose a lot more than you can possibly imagine. Your health is strong but if you push yourself too hard you might end up in a state of fatigue from which you’ll struggle to recover. Emotions must be restrained by common sense.

Exercising daily can help you rid your mind from thoughts that bring nothing to the table. Release all the built-up tension through correct oxygenation.