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Your Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 20 - 26 June, 2022

Scorpio, find how you can strengthen bonds


Scorpio, your Horoscope this week warns you that you're about to be overtaken in the race to win the object of your affections. Beware of taking too conservative a stance on what you should do for her.

Your charms are not as irresistible as you think, and if you wait too long, you could lose. To win her over, you have to be proactive, and moving, and demonstrate how you feel with actions.


The Weekly Horoscope says that these days you could find yourself involved in a controversy over an inheritance, Scorpio.

In short, whatever your parents are leaving you. Make sure that money is a bridge between you and your siblings, not a barrier.

You've had a lot of good times together and it's not worth ruining it over a couple of extra payouts like this. You need to keep calm and see the problems in perspective. Then you'll know how to manage this.


Scorpio, you'll have to keep fighting for your dreams. 

The Horoscope knows that it's very difficult to get a job that's well paid and offers a decent schedule. 

Also, of course, a position that isn't temporary.

Don't despair at this flood of offers that don't offer the conditions you're looking for.

It's time to leap to a better future, where you'll find a range of income that makes you happy. Don't throw in the towel and keep looking.


Your Horoscope indicates that you should  try to show your emotions more positively in the next few days, Scorpio. You're at a time when you're meeting many new acquaintances. You don't want to alienate them by showing them your worst side at the beginning.

If you find how to express yourself emotionally and stably, you'll win lots of points with them. Time will tell whether these are lasting friendships.

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