Scorpio Horoscope Weekly 2020

Expect confesions and unveiled secrets - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 19 – 25 October 2020

You'll have thrilling moments and, although they might hurt, they might reveal an incredible plot


According to the astral transits, this week life will be full of harmony and good times for Scorpio, who will welcome Monday with the moon in their sign on a conjunction angle with Mercury, which is still retrograde.

From this astrological position, unsettling situations might arise. The stars invite you to unveil all the deceits that have taken place over the past few months, what’s been kept from you and, above all, what you’ve chosen not to see or acknowledge.

It might be discovering a feeling, an incident of unfaithfulness or perhaps a family secret. Be grateful for the truth, even if it hurts.


It’s not an easy week, for many Scorpios, these will be unforgettable days where their working conditions will change forever and they’ll have to come back from a situation which requires adapting to change and a good mood in order to avoid falling into a depression or having bad vibes towards others.

For many Scorpios, this is a moment of great challenges where they’ll have to show they’re capable of executing efforts they would have never believed possible.

Any changes involving them are very linked to ways of understanding and seeing their financial lives. You’ll discover there’s a lot more to learn than you thought, and that the result of your hard work can take on many shapes you would have never believed possible before. Barters, virtual currency and other payment methods might crop into your life overnight. Opening up to this experience is fundamental.

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This week the stars tip the balance favourably for the mental health of Scorpios, who will find in the relationship between the moon and Mercury a dose of magical astral medicine which can give them great vitality and a huge dose of optimism from Jupiter in a good aspect to your sun.

Writing ideas, poems, memoirs and projects on a notepad could help you sort your thoughts out and get rid of your mental rubbish, which takes up so much space and time.