Scorpio sign on a pink and orange sky with some stars behind it

Surprising situations in your love life - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 18 – 24 January 2021

The astrological tendency to radical and unexpected changes stands out these days


The stars indicate a tendency to enjoy life as a couple throughout this week, with great intensity and joy. The way in which you manifest your feelings becomes more erotic and intense thanks to the stellium that will form between the moon, Uranus, Mars and the Black Moon.  This can be an explosive combination for many who will have to handle the celestial vibrations cleverly and with moderation.

This is a moment where you can win or lose love, the astral strength combined with the eccentricity of reality can be very confusing and trying to make plans can exhaust more than one Scorpio.

Scorpio is a sign with a fixed nature, due to which changing plans can be exceedingly annoying and disturbing, you’d like to have everything calculated and having the course of your affairs change could make you lose control of your nerves.

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The week starts with intuitive strength to tackle all matters linked to your profession or job.  You’ll be better at setting the course of action, guided by the perception of a new path.

Adaptability is not your strong suit, you prefer to follow your own path and the path set by your own experience, and, in this sense, you’ll probably have to give new meaning to your job.

At the same time, Christmas expenses will be reflected on your bank account in angry red shades, or at least getting you closer to some financial difficulties.

The stars say it’s time to get organized and make a medium-term plan for your finances. You’ll enjoy the help of Venus in Capricorn, giving you a moderate and organized mind frame when it comes to material desires.


At the beginning of the week, you might feel that your feelings are affecting your physical wellbeing more than usual. The moon in Aries on Monday could affect you with its vibes; headaches, migraines and eyesight problems are typical of this transit.

Resting and using resting glasses will be a good way to mitigate this discomfort.

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