Scorpio Horoscope Weekly 2020

Love requires solid proof - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 17 - 23 August 2020

This time around words won't suffice to make you believe in love again, you'll need a lot more than that to keep moving forward


This week the atmosphere in your family will be convoluted by news or conversations which will affect the good mood of Scorpios.  Situations of tension and some matters linked to changes, house moves, or trips might leave Scorpios depleted of energy, who will need to pour all of their energy into work rather than their family or parents.

From all the signs you’ll be the one who feels more challenged by the new moon taking place in Leo. Those born in the third decan will be especially compelled by their financial situation to make decisions regarding matters which also involve their loved ones.

If you’re single, you’ll probably meet someone from another country who will melt your sting. You’ll fall madly in love with a strange and mysterious person.


The week starts with powerful stimuli in Scorpio’s areas linked to employment and profession.

You’ll experience a lot of movement and unease regarding the future. Many matters linked to your position are changing and you need to have some security which doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon.

All work matters are changing, and the dynamics of your daily life doesn’t allow you to create a strategy to feel comfortable with constant change. This can stress you out but it will also be an opportunity if you rely on your intelligence and you skills without having anybody else’s support.

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The stars indicate you’ll be prone to trouble with your eyesight and hearing organs. You might be wearing headphones too many hours a day or listening at too high a volume for your delicate ears, Scorpio. Also, straining your eyes too much in front of the computer would require you to stop every hour to take a short break and stare off into the horizon through a window, and walk around your desk for a bit.  Otherwise you might get headaches and visual fatigue.

Look after your senses, they’re invaluable, Scorpio.