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An intense feeling will trouble your heart - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 15 – 21 March 2021

During the weekend you'll be able to enjoy moments worthy of "Arabian Nights"


Take the lunar energy in your favour from Wednesday onwards, when this celestial body will enter Taurus and project gentle and harmonious feelings on your relationships.

Although the astrological point known as Lilith will keep causing problems for Scorpios, causing arguments at home, and the combination with the influence of Jupiter will result in scenes of pride and exaggeration which won’t bring any good to your life.

The tendency to experience an excessive feeling of possessiveness and jealousy might ruin a relationship that promises to progress every day.  You’ll have to avoid arguments. Whether you be the one who feels this way, or the other person is, the pursuit of understanding and respectful dialogue will be essential in order to finish the week in peace. Sharing sensual pleasures will strengthen your relationship.

If you’re single, this weekend you shouldn’t stay home alone. You might meet someone to share magical moments with.

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This is a tense day for Scorpios at work. There’s a lot of tension in fixed signs, which causes problems but also great opportunities. It’s a matter of learning to control your reactions so you can make the most of everything that’s available to boost your social and financial growth.

You might feel great confidence in your skills, but you shouldn’t get too cocky, as Saturn in a tense aspect demands excellence and organization skills.

If you’re currently unemployed, the best days for job interviews are Monday and Tuesday. You have astral support which increases your chances of finding the perfect job.


This week, the tensest days health-wise will be Monday and Tuesday. You’ll have to be especially careful with your face. There’s an astral tendency to suffer inflammation and infections in eyes and ears.

If you feel any discomfort you shouldn’t hesitate to contact your doctor.

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