Scorpio Weekly Horoscope on a universe background

Noticeable progess - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 15 – 21 February 2021

Legal and fiscla matters that prevented you from progressing in your material life will become unblocked


Scorpio, this week Jupiter, from the sign of Aquarius, can make you manifest your feelings in an exaggerated manner, expecting too much from your partner or demanding attention which they might not be able to give you right now. Taking offence and arguing or making aggressive demands won’t help you get the desired reaction to your desire. This is especially true for those born in the second decan.

Passion and enjoyment of your sex life might be your focus this week, whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’ll enjoy your body freely, letting expansions and novelty become incorporated into experience.

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This week will be very intense when it comes to Scorpio’s professional life. Especially between Monday and Wednesday, you’ll feel the weight of your profession falling on you and crushing you Everyone will expect you to give them a solution to matters which aren’t even your responsibility.

The stars indicate that tension might diluted towards Friday, thus relieving the pressure a bit.

If you’re in the middle of legal family proceedings such as the division of assets during a divorce, or an inheritance, you’ll receive news from a notary or legal representative on Friday. Although Mercury is still retrograde, there are opportunities for progress on many important matters which you could finalize in a very short space of time.

The bellicose nature of Mars in your area of known enemies might cause all sorts of problems and discomfort. The gossip and snide remarks from a woman might get you into trouble at work, which you won’t anticipate.


Scorpio, this week you shouldn’t neglect your health, on the contrary, it will be essential that you focus on managing your vital energy, so you don’t wear yourself out.

Arguments and conflicts might be the main cause of discomfort, especially during the first days of the week.

If you’re recovering after an ailment, the astral energies recommend you rest at home, connecting with your deepest feelings will be relevant for your healing process.

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