The Scorpio sign circled by shooting stars

You say goodbye to Venus with a romantic marathon - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 14 – 20 December 2020

Venus, the goddess of love, won't return to your sign for another year, you'll enjoy the farewell


This is the last week where Venus, the planet of love, will be in your sign until next year, Scorpio. And you’ll notice its absence as its presence has given you great magnetism which, if you've used to your advantage, will be far reaching over the next few months.

Especially those born in the third decan will enjoy the sensuality and mystery brought by the stars throughout this week, where mysticism and mystery can become a part of Scorpio’s love life.

Especially if your partner is an Aries, you should be ready for a week-long sex marathon. The stars overcome boundaries and you might be going through a moment where your differences won’t matter.

If you’re tempted in love, Scorpio, remember that the consequences might be nefarious.

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The financial matters of Scorpio will receive the imposing influence of the sun in Sagittarius, which will determine some financial situations in a surprising and complex way.

Many Scorpios will be kept on their toes by a financial situation.  You might receive news regarding matters which come to an end, or problems which are starting and which will take at least six months to be resolved.

Notifications, emails and a lot of movement will be the tone for the next days.

 You’ll struggle to escape certain matters which require actions and answers from you, Scorpio.

If you work in commerce, it will be a good moment to speed up sales and close important deals. Enjoy this touch of good fortune.


For many, health won’t be a problem except for those who struggle to handle their passions and desires. Those who are underage will be especially affected by the astral impetus which pushes them to temerary and reckless actions.

Many will find sports to be the best way to control their repressed sexual impulses and desires. There’s a lot to do and impatience will become your enemy if you can’t handle your restlessness.

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