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You'll behave more sweetly - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 11 – 17 January 2021

You'd like to make many changes, but you need the cooperation of your loved ones


This week will be very active for those who have to sort out matters with siblings or close relatives. Conversations will be around childhood memories, a feeling of unity and fraternal love.

Many Scorpios are going through a few days of melancholy, writing a letter to that special person who forms a part of your heart would be the best way to free yourself from that feeling of contrition and nostalgia. It’s not always possible to get together and you’ve suffered greatly because of this lately.

Thanks to the action of Venus in your area pertaining to communication, you’ll want to discover kinder and closer ways of talking. Expressing what lives in your heart isn’t always easy, but the help of this gentle and loving energy will be efficient.

At home, on Thursday you might feel overwhelmed by the emotional pressure.

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This week many Scorpios will be subject to the pressure of having to limit business partners and colleagues who don’t seem to know or respect personal boundaries.

It’s very easy to get carried away by wrath this week, those born in the first decan will especially feel the influence of Mars on the opposite sign.

There’s lots of activities to undertake and you might not have enough hours in the day or days in the week for them.

If you’re currently unemployed, the stars favour you with omens of good opportunities, especially between Monday and Wednesday this week. You can make the most of the astral energy. These days your charisma and seduction will be at their peak.


The stars indicate good health for Scorpios in general.

You’ll have to open up to new ways of handling your stress if you want to improve your mood.

Having the support of a relative to make some changes to your diet, going out for walks together or going together to the gym can increase your confidence and happiness, while at the same time increase love and complicity.

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