The Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Extreme enjoyment and inner joy - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 1 – 7 March 2021

It will be an excellent week where the tendency to pleasure, beauty and love stands out


The week begins radiating a confusing energy, your mind will be muddled by feeling of the past and you might fall into the temptation of calling up an old flame and start dreaming of love again.

The stars push you to seek kinder ways of communicating with your partner, and thanks to Mars moving away from your opposite complementary sign, Taurus, you’ll start manifesting the tenderness of your soul and expressing your libido with more sensuality than ever.

Those who will feel this influence more strongly will be the ones born during Scorpio’s first decan, who will receive the Martian influence which stimulates sexuality and intimate encounters.

Meanwhile, Venus moves with all of its sensitivity in a sign of your same element, Pisces, and pushes you to live love with every fibre of your being, without fear or inhibitions. You’ve simply been made to give your love and open up to unique experiences which will transport you to another galaxy.

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This week will be great for those who have their own business or undertaking. This week the stars guarantee the receipt of profits for businesspeople, you might even take great steps and make progress in your creative projects.

The pursuit of beauty and abundance will be simpler and kinder than at other times; it will feel like there’s a sort of magic helping many Scorpios who work in beauty or personal training to achieve greater inspiration. This is a great week to take all of the energy of the sun in Pisces and, thus, shape ideas which require understanding of the collective subconscious.

Many proposals will become a reality and your understanding and intelligence will help you solve problems regarding your domestic finances or your family.

If you owe money, this week you will probably find it easier to cancel this debt. You’ll feel very relieved.


This week, the health of Scorpio will be excellent.  You’ll even be captivating and very attractive. You could make the most of Venus’s good disposition to undergo beauty treatments.

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