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Honesty will bring triumph in love - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 1 – 7 February 2021

You'll need to behave honestly and respectfully in all matters of the heart


Deceit will come to light, sooner or later, for this reason you shouldn’t risk everything over a meaningless fling, if there’s even the smallest chance that it could damage your relationship with someone important. Times are changing and, with them, the terms you can negotiate within the framework of a relationship. You should talk about the boundaries you can establish together, and about the concept of fidelity you wish to share. This way you’ll feel that your relationship is sincere, and that honesty is the fundamental basis of your union.

It’s usual for Scorpios to need to have a rich and diverse sex life. Knowing your own needs well shouldn’t be a problem, Scorpio, on the contrary, it should be an added value in your love life. Enjoy being who you are without hiding, give yourself love and offer the best of you.

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What stands out for Scorpios this week is the tendency to want to improve their homes, starting negotiations to move to a better place, a more comfortable or bigger place, or to start drafting the improvement of an old property.

The home becomes the centre of action for many Scorpios, who need to feel their home is a pleasant place. The value of property might influence your search; however, a surprise might arise for many who will receive an incredible offer.

Thursday and Friday are especially tricky for Scorpios. The moon in a bad cosmic aspect with Mars will make you show a side of your personality that won’t help you at all in your professional rapports. You’ll have to control your temper and your reactions if you don’t want to lose your job.

Those who have their own business will have to be careful with complaints or attacks from clients or partners.


Your health will be good this week.  You’ll need to look after your rest, otherwise your system will be subject to great strain, which could have very bad consequences. You won’t want to spend the weekend resting. Be careful, don’t overexert yourself.

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