Scorpio Symbol

Scorpio's Personality Traits

We reveal how the scorpion of the horoscope thinks, feels and acts... the most intense sign of the Zodiac

Do you know the intensity made person? Well, we already anticipate that it is the main personality feature of the Scorpio sign, and from there you can extrapolate it to the rest of its features; feeling, loving... nothing of half-measures. We discover what Scorpio is like in all its facets.

Scorpio traits: 6 peculiarities of this sign

We reveal how the scorpion of the Zodiac thinks, feels and acts.

1. Really intense

If we had to choose one of the characteristics of Scorpio as a representative of his way of being, that would be their intensity. Scorpio is intense in every moment, circumstance and aspect of their daily life.

Any native of this sign could ask themselves in any daily situation "How can other people not give the importance things deserve?", when in reality, perhaps what is happening doesn't require more attention.

But it's because of what Scorpios are like, by that force with which they perceive even the most insignificant things that take place around them.

2. Passionate in love

And in relation to that intensity that is intrinsic in them, another feature of Scorpio's personality is their passion, that way they immerse themselves in each new experience and much more when they do it together with another person.

At the time of living love relationships, their involvement is maximum from the first moments. Their natural approach is "If I feel, and I feel a lot, why do I have to hide it?"  And they live each moment to the fullest, trying to drag those intense emotions to the person who provokes them.

And for those who wonder what Scorpio is like in bed... they are ranked number 1 as the most sexual sign of the entire Zodiac. Once again, its intensity is the protagonist of the situation and in bed, the catalyst of explosive chemistry.

3. Over-sensitive

As a good sign of water, the element that represents emotions,  the personality of Scorpio is very marked by its mood fluctuations.  Usually, the repercussions of their feelings, which have a tendency to fluctuate with real ease, are affected to a large extent, both to connect with their more positive emotions and those that aren't so positive.

For that reason, in the same way, that they know what it is to feel really happy, they also know the shadows of the deepest sadness.

But it's also thanks to that characteristic of Scorpio that has an absolute ability to empathize with the feelings of other people.  For that reason don't doubt that with a friend of this sign near you, you will find understanding, whatever the moment you go through.

4. Distrusting

With the acute intelligence with which this sign of the Zodiac counts, together with the extreme sensitivity of the personality of Scorpio, don't doubt that they won't have a problem when it comes to discovering anything that happens close to them.

They can't avoid it, in this sense, they are governed by the motto "think the worst and you won’t be far wrong", although it is also something that can lead them to be too distrustful in a systematic way with people and affect the functioning of good personal relations.

5. Very jealous

From the hand of their mistrust, we have another variant of suspicion, and that is jealousy. And in the same way that we said that they are very intense in bed, they are also really intense when it comes to feeling their emblematic jealousy.

In this sense, there is no doubt if we ask ourselves what Scorpio is like: He is not only pathologically jealous, but they are also rather clumsy when it comes to managing their own emotions. The truth is that they have bad times because of this, but in that sense, they don't change, because of many problems that this particularity of theirs has implied.

Their jealousy is famous and one can almost say that they are part of their identity, even part of their charm (for those who like that aspect, of course).

6. Highly competitive

In the personality of Scorpio, being successful and competitive go hand in hand, and when it comes to fighting for something, in whatever field, there is no doubt that they will do everything they can to get it.

You better not meet a Scorpio when they have an aim to achieve! Because if they have to take out all their weapons and play dirty, they will: For Scorpio, the end justifies the means.

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