Scorpio Horoscope September

You'll discover the benefits of serene love - Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for September 2020

It will be a time of respite from strong emotions, which will be useful to integrate your past in the most beneficial way

Love: Conjugal happiness

During this month of September Scorpios will go though varied and complex moments.

The first few weeks of the month the main thing will be friendship and ideals, knowing what you want right know will be a challenge, while, at the same time, you’ll feel the illusion of creating a new path in your love life.

Those who have recently moved in with their partner will feel the bliss of feeling loved at home. Coming home and enjoying the company of their partner will be a gift from life which will nurture their souls.

Those who have been married for a long time will be able to discover a new aspect of the relationship thanks to the astral movements which bring calm and simplicity to their feelings.

Work: New dreams

This September Scorpios will face the challenges presented by Venus in Leo.

It’s a good period for those who work in the arts or in the beauty industry. You’ll find the tools to showcase your great working skills and you’ll be able to shine in everything you do, so long as you avoid conflict and focus on positive things.

Scorpio, it’s a time of great challenges where you’ll have to avoid showing your cards before people who don’t want to cooperate with you but, rather, who might turn out to be your worst enemies when you thought they had your back.

The sky’s configuration favours the children of Scorpio in many aspects, and making the most of this energy will depend on your ability to observe your surroundings.

On the 17th of September the new moon in Virgo will happen in your area of dreams and friendship, take this energy to visualize your ideals and apply them to the various aspects of your life but, especially, to boost achieving collective dreams such as partnerships, cooperatives or similar project where you feel you can count on others to see them come true.

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Health: Analyses

This month the children of Pluto will have to pay attention to the needs of their mind and body, without neglecting any symptoms or signals they perceive.

Many might discover they suffer from a specific illness which will require medical tests and analyses.

For many this will be the perfect time to start therapy, especially from the second half of the month onwards.