Scorpio Horoscope October

Great changes and steamy surprises - Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

Facing the demonds of unjustified jealousy and passion will help you change your strategies in your love life

Love: Pressure and anguish

Scorpios will go through a high-intensity month of October. Especially those born during the first decan will be subjected to a lot of pressure within their relationship.

Many will have to face their inner or outer demons and won’t pick up differences in the root of their problems which will be so difficult both if they feel they’re the ones causing the problems and if they’re just being the recipients of their partner’s tasks.

Turn all of your alarms on during this first Saturday of the month, Scorpio! There’ll be unavoidable conflicts which will make you feel as if you were inside a steamy thriller. All eyes will be on you and you’ll feel judged by your partner.

The moon in conjunction with Mars and Lilith will cause many conflicts which you’ll have to handle with patience and intelligence, in order to avoid falling into heart-wrenching situations.

Friday the 23rd the sun enters your sign, and start a new, more relaxed and kinder, cycle where many will achieve reconciliations and reunions with past loves.

Work: A new project

The business activities of Scorpio will be motivated by the astral transits.

When the sun enters your area of the zodiac, a conjunction will take place in your area of communication which will bring great changes in your financial life. You might find yourself in a position to make an important decision that will change the course of many matters related to your professional life.

When the last week of the month start, with the entrance of the moon in the dreamy and intuitive sign of Pisces, a positive astral tendency will attract a unique business idea which will appear like a flash in your mind. Take pen and paper and leave any detail out. You might be surprised by how quickly your dreams start shaping up.

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Health: You’ll seek calm

Generally speaking, the health of Scorpio will be good this month of October. Things will go smoothly if you are up to the challenge of keeping your anxiety in check.

It won’t be so easy, although, if you make an effort and are aware of how you react in the face of provocation and conflict, it will be a more productive and pleasant month.