Scorpio Horoscope November

You'll learn to look after your love - Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for November 2020

It's your month of the year! Make the most of the sun's energy in your sign and revitalize all areas of your life

Love: Let go of fear

This month the stars invite you to let go of prejudice and move forward with that which you wish with all your heart.  The foreboding that comes with new beginnings shouldn’t be an obstacle for someone with your personality and personal power.

At the beginning of November, Mercury will continue retrograde, but this time in Libra, reaching your area of the hidden and mysterious and pushing you to seek the reason why you often disrupt the harmony in your relationship with jealousy or feelings of insecurity. This month you’ll learn that your partner is not your property and, even if you suffer in the process, it will be very positive once you finally understand the importance of every person’s individuality.

Scorpios who are single have a better chance in love from the 14th of November, moment during which the astral energy gives you inspiration. You might start a new romance. A love declaration could be the starting point.

Work: Progress

This month of November there’ll be numerous astral configurations which move the energy in your professional life.

It’s a month during which you’ll have to learn to develop a better communication. Mercury returns to your sign after a long journey which pushed you to learn things which are important for your finances and commercial aptitudes.

Money will be a matter of conversation during the first part of November.

Comings and goings in your negotiations will keep you on your toes, until you achieve resolutions which change your professional situation.  Those who were expecting answers from future employers will be surprised. It’s a good moment to move forward and the resolution to a matter that had you worried will come.

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Health: Renovation and vitality

This month of November, the children of Pluto have the cooperation of their regent, Mars, in direct movement which, in combination with the sun in your sign and the arrival of a new cycle, gives them more energy and vitality than ever.

Danger might appear if you give in to your impulse of tackling more than you should, Scorpio. Moderation will help you properly channel the Martian spurts of energy.