Scorpio March on a sky background with shooting stars

Good vibes and even better rapports - Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for March 2021

Your interpersonal relations will improve and you'll mange to get rid of some tension generated by Mars in your opposite area of the zodiac

Love: Perfection in love

This is a perfect month for Scorpio’s matters of the heart. Venus in a water sign perfects your sign’s romantic skills, and opens the door to a world of dragons, princesses and knights which can give a touch of energy and renovation to those who are in a relationship and have gone through a period of clashes and confrontations caused by the feisty Mars.

Now, with this new disposition in the sky, Scorpios will have the perfect harmony between sensuality and romance, which might result in many moving in together or getting married, when they had been hesitating about taking this very important step for the relationship.

If you’re single, this period of your life will end this month. You’ll be surprised by new romances and winds and beautiful relationships.

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Money: Look after your professional life

When it comes to Scorpio’s professional life, things won’t be easy this month. Many unforeseen circumstances will keep causing problems thanks to the quadrant made by several planets from the area of Aquarius in the zodiac.

During the first days of the month, Mars will continue in a bad position with regards to your area of the zodiac, causing problems for those who are in business partnerships. Arguments and disagreements might cause problems, getting in the way of the good professional development of all those who are involved in the conflict, the sooner you can get out of this situation, the better. Don’t stay where you’re not valued, Scorpio.

There’s a chance of doing brilliant business from the middle of March, when Venus in Pisces will form a favourable angle with your sun. Meanwhile you’ll have to rigorously keep an eye on your matters.

Health: Improvement

Your health stars to improve thanks to Mars withdrawing from Taurus, allowing Scorpio’s central nervous system to relax.

This is a perfect month to focus on improving your body through different beauty treatments. Fertility treatments will also be favourable for those who need support in their quest for a baby.

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