Scorpio Horoscope July

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for July 2020: You'll be amazed by what's coming

The astral energy keeps bringing great benefits, especially in the area of your private life

Love: Total bliss

July is a favourable month for the children of Pluto, who will benefit from the Sun’s transit through the sign of Cancer. There’s an astral flow of energetic affinity which favours building stronger bonds with your partner. Most Scorpios will be vibrating the favourable winds which will improve their sex life.

Marriages will still be exposed to the winds of change which require adaptability and flexibility in the face of the upcoming changes. It could be the arrival of children, which requires a new lifestyle, higher demand and extra chore, which will take away from the available energy.

Those who are single will enjoy the gifts from heaven which are sure to bring passion and infatuations.  You’ll be one of the happiest people on earth, enjoy it while it lasts, Scorpio.

Work: Remarkable changes

The astral positions suggest changes in your associations or allegiances, although this won’t leave you without the expected income.

You’ll receive a very generous offer for help, which will give you the security you need to keep going forward. It might not be a large sum of money, but it’ll be enough to make you confident that you’ve chosen the right path.

If you're going through a period of instability at your job, Mars is likely to lend you its momentum, and an interesting opportunity to make headway might arise.

From the 22nd of July, things might get tricky. Intrigue and provocations can make you lose your temper and react in a way that could cost you everything you have. You’ll have to control your bad temper and act discretely.

Health: Vitality and energy

There’s a very positive influence in terms of Scorpio’s health, who will keep their good energy levels and their cellular regeneration abilities will be at their peak.

The presence of Mars in Aries grants you wellbeing and energy, but it can also signify a lot of anxiety, irritability and nervousness which can make you mismanage your energy.

Try not to take unnecessary risks. We don’t recommend extreme sports this month, on the contrary, try to carry out gentle and relaxing physical activities.