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Your Monthly Scorpio Horoscope for January 2022

Scorpio, you'll take an important professional leap








❤️ Love

Scorpio, during the first month of the year, surround yourself with those people who add value to your life. You'll need to assume certain changes. The people you love will help you succeed and come out of this situation much stronger on an emotional level.

💰 Money

Scorpio, your Monthly Horoscope predicts that this month you'll take an important leap at work. All the effort you've made will allow you to enjoy a comfortable and stable life when it comes to your economy.

👩‍⚕️ Health

This month you must change your habits to enjoy robust health, Scorpio. Improve your diet and do some sport.

👍 Tip for Scorpio

⭐ Scorpio Celebrities

Famous people born under the sign of Scorpio for the month of January are:

- Voltaire, French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher (November 21, 1694)

- Peter Jackson, New Zealand film director, screenwriter, and film producer (October 31, 1961)

- James Garfield, 20th president of the United States (November 19, 1831)

🍀 Lucky numbers for Scorpio

Your lucky numbers for the month of January, are: 1, 4, 8, 75.

🤝 Compatibilities for Scorpio

❤️  Love Compatibility:

Virgo and Aries

💛  Friendship Compatibility:

Aries and Gemini

⚒  Work Compatibility:

Virgo and Aries