The Scorpio sign in white on a black starred background

Intense passion and valuable efforts - Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

Saturn's quadrant might involve great efforts from you this month

Love: High frequency

An excellent position of Venus in Capricorn from the 10th of January will bring the stability you longed for to your love life. Love is the centre of attention for the elder Scorpios who are going through a period of bringing order into their love life. You’ll want to have a responsible and serious bond with your partner.

Mars enters Taurus and stimulates erotic relationships, although this astral aspect can add intense emotions of the kind that Scorpios like.

Family relations will be very pleasant, and you’ll find a way to encounter the love of your loved ones, especially when Venus approaches the last degrees of Capricorn at the end of the month, influencing your area of the home.

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Money: Some interference

The stars indicate certain interference or blocks for Scorpio’s financial matters for this first month of the year.

There are many aspects of tension for Scorpio this month. Keeping the balance in your professional matters won’t be easy, especially when negotiating with partners or colleagues could cause losses.

Tax problems might cause headaches for your sign this month, therefore, you should be more careful not to make mistakes in all areas of your life. Avoid fines and keep a busy schedule to avoid leaving things up to chance.

The quadrant of Saturn with your sun indicates greater efforts and tensions at work. You’ll feel that none of what you do is enough, that the demands of your professional activities might be too extreme and burn you out mentally.

Health: Difficulties

Some health problems might arise for Scorpios. Headaches, a high blood pressure or strong muscle stiffness might bother you during this first month of the year.  The stress of feeling under so much pressure will wreak havoc on you if you don’t channel your anger and feeling of helplessness in a way that helps you improve this condition. Seek help from a holistic therapist or a psychologist, it might bring you great relief.

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