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Focus your energy at home - Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for February 2021

At work you shouldn't let matters which are out of your control defeat you

Love: Look after your relationships

This month of February of the new year, the stars bring Scorpio abundant movement in their family and emotional life.

These will be extreme days for many Scorpios who will feel they have arrived at a point in their family history where things will never be the same again.

Most of this month you’ll fight against your need for freedom and the imposition of your own ideas in your relationship. If you’re married, you’ll need to implement cohabitation techniques where mutual respect for each other’s personal space prevails, learning to tolerate each other’s preferences and choices, even if they’re opposed to your own, and to spend more time enjoying your life together without so many duties.

During the last week of the month, love might arrive for those who are single.

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Money: Some difficulties

The worst week for Scorpio’s professional matters, during this February, will be the second one, as during the course of these days the stars tilt your energy towards your home, and you’ll really struggle to be efficient and in control at work, on the contrary, you might have very little inner availability, and many worries will deviate all of your attention towards matters which have nothing to do with your work.

If you’re developing your own undertaking, friction with partners or acquaintances of the company might wear out your energy and steal your daily joy.

The best days of February, when it comes to your work, will be the 19th, when the sun enters the water sign of Pisces, and favours all your businesses, in order to solidify many of your aspirations when Mercury turns straight on the 21st of this month.

Health: Wellbeing

You won’t have great health worries, so long as you can keep your anxiety at bay. Those born in the third decan will be more exposed than the other Scorpios, to suffer accidents at home.

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