The Scorpio zodiac sign with a starred background

Transformation comes in haste - Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for December 2020

There's a lot of work to be done in Scorpio's relationships

Love: Don’t resist change

During this first half of this last month of the year, the planet of love will accompany Scorpios.  This planetary transit will especially benefit those born in the third Decan.

Change must take place within your heart if you truly want your relationship to unfold in all its splendour.

The tendency to vibrate the encounter of Venus with Uranus is alarming, as it might put many Scorpios at a crossroads, between giving into the passion of a new relationship or to go back to the calm of the life you already know, and this will alter your soul more than you can imagine.

If you’re single, this is a great time of the year to practice free love, a passionate encounter can happen with no strings attached or without any need for lies about a shared future. You’ll be able to live your daily life connecting with what you feel in your heart. Your romances will be eccentric and different while this transit lasts.

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Work: You’ll have to juggle things

In order to preserve your material and financial stability during this last month of the year, you’ll have to develop the virtues of a juggler and keep an eye on what’s going on in your professional surroundings if you don’t want to come out losing.

The balance in your bank account might be subject to unforeseeable circumstances caused by unexpected expenses, for this reason we recommend moderation and even being a bit stingy when spending money on non-essential things.

Scorpio, the 14th of December will be the new moon in your area pertaining to money and material possessions. This new moon presents a good aspect with the South Node which indicates the past, so you might connect with your ancestral provisions and gifts to achieve abundance over the coming months. Don’t rule out resuming activities or businesses linked to your family or to your first steps in the job market.

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Health: Vibrant energy

This is a very beneficial month in terms of Scorpio’s health.  You’ll feel great thanks to the forward motion of your regent planet, Mars, in Aries. You’ll feel younger, full of energy and even somewhat foolhardy. Don’t overexert that vitality given to you by the stars.